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New Website of TO-MERA

Posted on September 18, 2012 by

Hey guys,

This is the brand new website of the progressive metal band To-Mera (made by me and QWS).

I'm sooooooooooo happy guys!!!

To-Mera is a English / Hungarian progressive metal band which I always appreciate a lot.
First time I heard them in their debut album "Transcendental" released by Candlelight Records,
which was really good in my opinion and from then I always keep one eye open for them.
Probably you know the guys from the song "Blood" which is also their official videoclip but
if you're not familiar please check them out here:

Now that the band is working on their third album and thanks to Julie Kiss, I'm happy to announce you
that I'll work with the guys for T-shirts Designs, Website rebuild and Social Networks graphics. I'm very
excited with this collaboration because I'm fan of the band so I'll definitely try to do a kick-ass work for

Beware, we're coming :)

Heartache Circus band

Posted on July 03, 2012 by
Heartache Circus is an electro rock/metal band that was born in Belgium.
The guys are working on their debut album and preparing their first videoclip
so they asked me to design the logo and symbol of the band. At the end, we 
made some nice versions for this. You can see the two of them at the following

Heartache Circus logo (version 1):

Heartache Circus logo (version 2):