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Posted on April 30, 2017 by
Collaboration with RED MOON ARCHITECT


So recently I had the great pleasure to work with my finnish friends from RED MOON ARCHITECT and do some beautiful graphics for their 3rd album "Return of the Black Butterflies". Beautiful, is quite a restrained reaction to be honest since for me was one of the best works I ever made but you know. Anyway, I will leave here the artwork I made for the single "Tormented" that's now online and the rest of the details about album's release are next:

Red Moon Architect - Tormented
The 3rd album of Red Moon Architect "Return of the Black Butterflies" will be released at 19/05/2017 via Inverse Records.
Pre-orders now available from the Record Shop X (worldwide) via link below:
"Tormented" Lyric VIDEO available at:

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