Collaboration with Mercy Isle

Posted on March 17, 2016 by
And yes I'll collaborate again with my favorite islanders. Read the news...


Mercy Isle has announced the title of their upcoming debut album "Undying Fire".

Vocalist Kassandra Novell will have a photoshoot on March 26th for promotional images for the band's forthcoming album and Indiegogo campaign with chigago photographer Tyler LaRiviere. Editor in Chief Brett Kihimire of "Metal At The Gates" webzine will be present to host an interview regarding the album and behind the scenes development.

Graphic designer Gogo Melone (vocalist of Luna Obscura, Aeonian Sorrow) will also be involved with the promotional photoshoot as she will provide photo manipulation work on the images.

The band will launch their Indiegogo campaign in early April.







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