About me

Gogo Melone is a freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer, originated from Ioannina/Greece. Also known for her musical activities as singer/composer for Aeonian Sorrow, Luna Obscura and guest appearances.

Her passion for Art born in a very young age and since 2007 she started to run her own business at GM+ Studio, offering her highly professional skills in international level to various clients in the Heavy Metal Music Industry and not only. Her work is a mixture of digital art and photography, highly influenced by Dark Fantasy, Macabre Music and Film making, Cathedral and Spiritual Style.

why choose me

  • Professionalism in all levels
  • Experience in Art for over 10 Years
  • An artist with soul
  • Metalhead
  • You get original ideas/artworks
  • Offer excellent results and high-quality
  • Work with timeline, no delays
  • Reliable Services in affordable Prices
  • Easy and fast communication

Basic info

If you're intrested to work with me, you need to know few things about the way I do things up.

Please check the links below to get more info. In case you have other questions feel free to contact with me